Rental cars

Rent car Cairo

Rent car Cairo

Discovering new ways of Luxurious & Eco-Friendly Rides

Rental Car Rentals

Rent car Cairo

| 0201099792099  Rental Car Rentals

.Enjoy a second to none experience from the moment you book your ride until you arrive at your destination

Get the ride you deserve everywhere: from & to airports, within the city, or

city to city with Tourist Limousine 0201099792099

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:Tourist Limousine 0201099792099 services

.All Your Needs Fulfilled

Airport Limousine *

.Get your luxury trip to & from the airport

:Travel in Style *

.Travel with no worry about the road

:Luxury City Ride *

.Enjoy a comfortable ride around the city

.Enjoy the days you don’t feel like driving yet you want the essence of luxurious rides

.Creating a world of eco-friendly transportation that is luxurious in every detail

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and, Hire a car Cairo cheap, Hire a car Cairo new, Hire a car Cairo to  Alexandria

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?Are you traveling for business or pleasure

.With Tourist Limousine 0201099792099 you can book your premium and luxury car with a professional private driver

.Car hire at Cairo is made easy with Tourist Limousine 0201099792099

.Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our everyday offer

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Whether you are hiring a car for business or leisure, or you need a car or van,

.Tourist Limousine 0201099792099 has the right hire car at Cairo for you

:Tourist Hire 0201099792099 is looking forward to serving you at its car hire branch

Cairo, Remember to always bring your driving license valid credit card and additional proof of identity

(.such as a passport if you are hiring abroad)

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Tourist Limousine 0201099792099 is the best place to rent your luxury car in Cairo

to use in your own personal or business  enterprises with experienced and qualified drivers

.following highest safety standards

.Tourist Limousine 0201099792099 has been in business for more than 10 years

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.rent a car From Cairo to Ain al-Sokhna, rent a car limousine, rent a luxury car in Cairo

?What to do while in Cairo

No trip to Egypt would be complete without getting in your Cairo car rental

and heading to the Great pyramids of Giza. If you want to see a breathtaking view of the city,

head to the top of the Cairo Tower. For a taste of the arts and crafts from this part of the world,

.a trip to the Khan el-Khalili is an absolute must

;Winter in Cairo

Although it can get a bit chilly in Cairo in the winter, what better way to warm up

.than by hopping in the car and heading to Ain El Sokhna, which translates to hot springs

Another great way to spend a winter day in Cairo is to visit all the ancient and lavish palaces

.in this city has to offer like the Manial Palace and the Baron Palace

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?Already booked a rental car

You can change your booking anytime. If you already made a booking,

.you’re free to change the time and/or place

Also you can go later, put-off your rental

.You can go somewhere else – choose a car in a different destination

.Whatever you decide, you can change your booking online or by contacting us

.You won’t pay any admin fees for changing your booking, though it may affect the rental price

You can cancel your booking. If you or the rental counters are in an area that’s affected

.by travel restrictions, we’ll do everything we can to help

.Just get in touch before your rental is scheduled for pick-up

,You can cancel car rentals for free up to 48 hours before your scheduled pick-up time

.Even if you paid a deposit

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Tourist Limousine 02010997910299 offers you to choose from a wide variety of

car classes new high quality vehicles meeting your needs and budget best.

Also our multi-lingual call center is ready to assist you whatever your question is and wherever you are.

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?Where to go in Egypt

:The Nile

.Cairo, Giza, Minya, Luxor, Aswan, and  Abu-Simbel

:The Red sea

Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba, Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hashish

.Soma Bay, Maqadi Bay, Safaga, and  Marsa Alam

:The Med

.Alexandria, El-Alamein Battlefield, Marsa Matrouh, and  North Coast

:The deserts

.Siwa Oasis & Fayoum

,All Cities in Egypt, Car Hire Locations in Egypt, Popular Cities, Luxury Car Hire Egypt

Convertible Car Hire Egypt, 7 & 9 Seater Cars Hire Egypt, Cairo car hire

,Tourists really love to come to Egypt to enjoy a recreational tour while being in the tourist beaches

.in the incredible coastal beaches

:Our Products

 :we have all types and categories of cars with Tourist Limousine 0201099792099

.Such as sedan: Elantra cn7 or similar

.And Mercedes-Benz with Tourist Limousine 0201099792099 there are: s400| s450| e200| e300| c180

There is a modern SUV car rental including Toyota Rush| Kia Sportage| Hyundai Tucson| Mitsubishi Xpander.

 .Moreover, Range Rover| Toyota Land Cruiser| Toyota Fortuner| Grand Cherokee| Mitsubishi Pajero

,Hurghada car hire, Alexandria car hire, Sharm El Sheikh Car hires, Cairo Airport car hire

.Hurghada Airport car hire, Sharm El Sheikh Airport car hire


:Images & photos



Rent car Cairo

Rent car Cairo

Rent car Cairo

Rent car Cairo




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Rent car for someone else 00201121761951

Rent car for someone else 00201121761951

car rental companies Cairo


car rental companies

Jeep cars are of the high categories of cars in general , and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is one.

of the luxury cars, and therefore we have provided them in our company at a cheap price

compared to the prices of other companies, Rent Grand Cherokee in Shubra 00201121761951.

Car rental in Cairo, car rental in Cairo, car rental in Cairo Airport, car rental, Grand Cherokee rental.


 Rent Grand Cherokee Car

Rent a heavy car from Tourist Car that provides you with the best luxury SUVs 00201121761951

Therefore, renting it to companies and businessmen is Car rental cars in Egypt, car rental companies,

car rental cars in Cairo, car rental, car rental cars in Egypt, car rental

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grand cherokee review,grand cherokee 2022,grand cherokee 2023,grand cherokee egypt,grand cherokee towing,grand cherokee two rows

car rent form -touristcar-car rental companies Cairo

Grand Cherokee cars for rent, car rental companies Cairo

Therefore, renting a Grand Cherokee is an economical car that saves fuel and is also less expensive than the rest

The cars, which made them unique cars for customers 01121761951

Therefore, the Grand Cherokee rental places it in the middle of the mid-size SUV

A feature-rich, easy-to-use infotainment system

Therefore, if you are looking for sophistication and luxury in your work, book now the 2022 Grand Cherokee

At the cheapest prices, I have a Tourist Car company
Get an instant discount when renting an SUV | So, rent a Grand Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee 2022 rental – Grand Cherokee VIP for rent – Jeeps for rent Cairo

car rental excess insurance

Rent new Jeep Cherokee cars and enjoy the distinction, elegance and power in one car
A car with high specifications, therefore conditioning Spacious interior and large luggage compartment
Rear parking sensors Places to install a child seat Airbags Bluetooth, radio, navigation device and headphones
Charger and USB ports Electric mirrors And all the specifications of modern SUV cars,
The Grand Cherokee is one of the best modern jeeps in Egypt at the lowest prices car rental companies Cairo

Advantages of car rental in Egypt: 00201121761951

Advantages of car rental companies : 00201121761951

The need to act in many matters

people, which is one of the first prioritiesRent a car Rent a car in Cairo, rent a car Rent a car in Cairo,

rent a car Rent a car in Cairo, rent a car Rent a car in Cairo Rent a car Rent a car in Cairo Rent a car.

The company’s headquarters: Abbas Al-Akkad – Nasr City
Working hours: Saturday from 9 to 6
Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm
Monday from 9 am to 6 pm
Tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm
Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm
Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm
Friday from 9 am to 6 pm

Reservations and inquiries: 00201121761951
Whatsapp: 00201121761951
Our Facebook page:










































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ايجار سيارات/ليموزين/سعر سياره ليموزين

ايجار سيارات-01003203210

ايجار سيارات/ليموزين/سعر سياره ليموزين

ايجار سيارات/تاجير سيارات/استئجار/في مصر

قدمت شركه تورست لايجار سيارات ليموزين في مدينه نصر ,الشروط والوائح لايجار سياره (مرسيدس-لاندكروزر-جيب جراند شيروكي) والمستندات المطلوبه لايجار سياره بدون سائق.

*صوره البطاقه-صوره الرخصه-صوره محل الاقامه.

*السن لايقل عن 21 عام.

*يختلف الاوراق المطلوبه بين نوعين من الايجار(سياره مؤمن عليها-سياره غير مؤمن عليها)

مزيد من المعلومات

*الكيلو متر المسموح بيه هو 120 كيلومتر يوميا,والكيلومتر الزياده يسحب بواقع 2جنيه عن كل متر زائد.

*الشركه تقبل الدفع عن طريق الفيزا,او التحويل البنكي,التحويل عن طريق فودافون كاش.

شركه تورست لايجار السيارات والليموزين توفر لك ايجار سياره وتصلك اينما كنت, منزل ,فندق,مطار.

افخم ايجار سياره في مصر تجدها لدي شركه تورست لايجار السيارات والليموزين (مرسيدس-لاندكروزر-جراندشيروكي)

ايجار سيارات/ليموزين/سعر سياره ليموزين


ايجار ليموزين في مصر ,مدينه نصر 01003203210

ايجار سياره ليموزين من شركه تورست لايجار السيارات والليموزين في مصر ,مدينه نصر

احدث ايجار سياره ليموزين واحدث موديل ايجار سياره ليموزين تجدها في شركه تورست لايجار السيارات .

افخم ماركات ايجار السيارات في مصر,مع سائق سياحه تحمل رخصه مهنيه درجه اولي.

اختيارك الاول دائما يكون شركه تورست لايجار السيارات عند استئجار سياره ليموزين سواء داخل العاصمه ,او خارج العاصمه,

(العين السخنه,الغردقه,شرم الشيخ,الساحل الشمالي,مرسي مطروح,عروس البحر الابيض المتوسط,دهب)

ايجار سياره ليموزين من شركه تورست لا تحتاج الي توقيع اي مستندات او اوراق .

ايجار سيارات/ليموزين/سعر سياره ليموزين

سعر ايجار ليموزين

اسعار ايجار سيارات ليموزين لدي شركه تورست لايجار السيارات والليموزين

اسعار السيارات الليموزين الاقتصاديه ,تتراوح اسعار السيارات الليموزين الاقتصاديه ما بين 600جنيه مصري الي 850جنيه مصري.

(ايجار هيونداي النترا,كياسيراتو,ميتسوبشي لانسر)

اسعار سيارات الليموزين الفارهه والفخمه,تتراوح اسعار السيارات الليموزين الفارهه ما بين 2000جنيه مصري الي 6000جنيه.

(سيارات مرسيدس ,لاندكروزر,ميتسوبشي باجيروا ,كريسلر)

اسعار سيارات الزفاف والافراح ,ايجار سياره كابورليه ليموزين ,مع تقديم عروض خاصه ,اضغط هنا .

شركه تورست لايجار السيارات والليموزين ,انشات سنه 1997 وتخصصت في ايجار السيارات /ايجار ليموزين .

عنوان شركه تورست لايجار السيارات والليموزين : 4 شارع عباس العقاد ,مدينه نصر ,فوق بيتزا ماستر.

ارقام تليفونات الشركه :01003203210 واتساب01014555692

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Rent a Jeep Grand Cherokee

For rent Jeep Grand Cherokee,call us on 01003203210

People travel from one place to another for many reasons,Rent a Jeep Grand Cherokee

some due to their jobs or business and few for holidays and vacations.

As a traveller they cannot own a car in every place or country they go,

they always prefer other options like public transports like cars and busses.

grand sheriuki rent in nicr city -cairo

The Limousine Company offers its customers Jeep Grand Cherokee for rent for weddings, trips and tourism in Egypt at the lowest prices. All this is provided by the Tourist Car Limousine Company.

We also have the largest fleet of cars of all models and colors,

starting from the 2016 model until 2020, including the driver and gasoline.

The vehicle comes with standard amenities like automatic transmission, A/C, power windows, and power steering, and you can request a modular GPS unit when you get to the counter.

The average gas tank size is about 17-22 gallons, with a fuel efficiency of about 17 city / 21 highway.

Ample room for five passengers and a cabin outfitted with an array of high end amenities give the Grand Cherokee its luxurious feel. Grand Cherokees come with a variety of safety and security features to give drivers a hand and more confidence. Electronic stability control,

Hill Start Assist, and Rain Brake Support increase its ability to handle whatever weather and road conditions come its way

We will also not forget the services of businessmen to attend conferences, travel or even reception from the airport to the hotels by providing them with a Jeep Grand Cherokee with their wonderful colors and distinctive shape that distinguishes them from all cars with the driver. Also,

all drivers have the highest level of experience and skill in driving for the convenience of customers,

and all cars are completely sterile to maintain the safety and health of our customers.For rent, call us on 01003203210,Rent a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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